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Who we are

       Faith by Fire is a contemporary Christian rock band from Phoenix, AZ whose vision is to see those who hear their music to experience the Love, Grace, and Mercy of our lord Jesus Christ in the midst of life's struggles, pain, setbacks, as well as it's joys, successes and celebrations. Faith by Fire's music is intended as a reflection of the way we relate to our God in the seasons of life that He brings us. The name itself is born out of the personal struggles that the members of the band have and continue to go through that bears the faith that is needed to stand in this world. All of the members have had extraordinary experiences of struggles and tribulations in life, and through the perseverance that can only be given by the Grace of God, they have found their faith in the One who has carried them through. As a band, Faith by Fire are ministry-oriented, and the band is not driven to succeed to stardom, but rather to minister with their music to those who would hear of the struggles and joys experienced in the expression of the music compositions, and to relish and drink in the emotion that pours out of the music, penetrating the heart and causing the listener to turn in worship to the One who loves them most of all. The burning desire of Faith by Fire is to be able to draw listeners in to the heart of God whatever their current situation is, and for them to find refuge, and peace and joy where He meets them.​


Check out the 'About' page to find out more details on who the band members are and where they have been! Just Click HERE


Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Genres: Christian/Gospel / Christian Rock
Faith By Fire are:
Jenny Bone, Eldon Stetson, Scott Copeland, Mac Collett, Mike Elia

Faith by Fire

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